Top 10 Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in Nigeria

Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in Nigeria
Top 10 Reasons of BREAKUP in Relationships in Nigeria

What is a Breakup?

A breakup means the separation of two people who love each other or maybe loved each other. It is a kind of termination of a strong or loving relationship by any means other than death.This may happen due to dumping someone or due to any other reasons.

There are some top 10 reasons of breakup, we are going to discuss  in our article below.

The most common reason of breakups nowadays is cheating or I say dumping. When your partner keeps another relationship other than you and obviously you can’t tolerate this kind of activity and you decide to leave.

The relationship starts fading when you stop caring for each other. These cute and sweet things keep a relationship alive but when you stop it becomes a reason of breakup.

You keep on trying to rescue the relationship but they maybe they don’t want to keep, that’s why they keep on hurting you again and again. This becomes the reason of breakup.

The fashion of youths like smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. this can also be a very big and appropriate reason of breakup. Nobody wants to live with a person who has bad habits.

When you know things are not working and you are fed up by doing all this over and over again but still, they’ve become bored of you.

If your arguments are increasing day by day and you are unable to stop them, then it can become a reason for your breakup.

This is the trend of today’s generation. The speaking lie is just a game of cards for them. A lie can never run a relationship that’s why breakups happen.

If there is no way to be together in the future then there is no reason left to continue further it better to quit it.

You both have different choices, interests, and thinking and you are not able to cope-up with each other. If you can’t cooperate with each other then, it’s not working anymore.

When your partner breaks your trust and your feelings become hurt. Broken trust is strongly unhealthy for a relationship.


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